Phase 3 - Appointment

From Monday 13-07-2020, face-to-face routine and urgent dental care without an aerosol generating procedure (AGP) can be provided in our practice. However, the range of treatments you will be offered may be different from what you normally expected to receive previously. Treatments offered may vary from practice to practice and will depend on the availability of our staff, PPE and equipment, and the Risk Level at the time. No IV sedation will be provided in Phase 2 or 3. This is to ensure your safety and that of the dental team. Please do not visit your dentist unless you have been advised to do so on the phone. Appointment is scheduled strictly by phone only. All patients should have their appointments arranged 3-4 days in advance to allow for the assessment of their Covid-19 status and for the dental team to communicate additional instruction for the upcoming appointment. This will ensure the practice can continue to provide this emergency dental care safely and smoothly.   

  1. Contact us by phone or email if you have a dental emergency. Please phone us on Tel: 01506-671818 or email us: and you will be triaged by your dentist or the receptionist. Your will be given advice or offered an appointment for a face-to-face consultation, whichever is appropriate.
  2. Please provide us with an email address if possible, as all the necessary information about your upcoming appointment will be sent to you first. Forms including medical history, estimate and consent forms, will be sent to your email address for completion. They will be available for download on our website too. Ideally, we prefer to complete all the necessary paperwork before the date of your appointment.
  3. You will be asked about symptoms of fever, new persistent cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, any change or loss of taste or smell, and any contact with known cases of Covid-19. Please provide an accurate information in order to protect the safety of other patients, staff and the general public.
  4. We can only treat a small number of patients each day (10 patients) due to the limited supply of PPE and the mandatory requirement for a 'fallow' period before cleaning and wiping down, between each patient.
  5. We will need to prioritise patients with the most urgent need being seen first.
  6. Up-to-date information can be found at: Scottish Dental or, NHS inform websites.
  7. UDCC will continue to see patients on referral for dental treatment involving Covid-19 infection and Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP), such as root canal, scaling or filling.
  8. You must come alone, as close as possible to your appointment time and should wait in the car or outside the surgery until you have been called. Please observe social distancing of 2 meter, read the advice on Staying Alert and Safe (social distancing), if you do need to come in and wait. Only one person is allowed to wait in the waiting area at any one time to minimise potential contact with others. We cannot operate an 'Open Door' policy and the door will be locked to prevent further contacts.
  9. We would kindly ask if you could use contactless or card payment if possible, as this would avoid contacts for both the patients and staff alike.
  10. If you need to reschedule a future appointment or contact us, you should do so in the usual way by phone or email.
  11. We know that this is going to be difficult and disappointing for many patients in the many months to come. We pray for patience, strength and understanding in this pandemic.

    Springfield Dental Care.